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Journey of Swarnakart

Swarnakart India Pvt Ltd started in the year 2016 with a great mission to do something for the society which will not only help the people but also provide a helping hand to the gold merchants & goldsmiths in India. With strategic planning and implementation we were able to reach the merchants and understand their problems. With the advancement in technology, we started solving the troubles of gold merchants and goldsmith. We were able to register thousands of merchants by 2017 and 2018. In the year 2019 we started growing by spreading our centre in a new location and a new state. With the amazing team and the relentless teamwork, we believe that we can surpass any hurdle which comes on our way.

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Swarnakart is my dream and accomplishing this project was my desire. Along with the team, I was able to reach each and every milestone. We faced many hurdles initially but as we started with a good thought, we were able to reach the market easily and swiftly.

Why Swarnakart?


Swarnakart India Pvt Ltd is formulated with the mission to redefine online jewellery marketing, Designing, Shopping, Selling, Production & Shipping. Bringing global pool of precious metals, Designs/ideas, traditions & passions of customers, makers, merchants & designers under one umbrella. Our vision is to bring the bleeding edge technology to India’s ancient Passion, Culture & tradition for precious metals & stones.


We provide a platform wherein you can choose the best design and contact the jeweller directly. With the intention to contribute in formation of digital india, we have provided the online platform which allows you to choose the jewellery & contact the merchant directly.

Our creative thought of “Go Online, Go Global” is helping thousands of people all over India to make jewellery shopping more convenient.


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